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teasecraft meetup groups are for folks interested in making their own sex toys / BDSM equipment / other kinky and fun things.

All are welcome, regardless of your (a)sexuality/orientation/gender or what materials you work with (electronics, wood, metal, leather, software, etc.).

The goals of teasecraft are to:

teasecraft isn't a formal organization, but a loose collection of people hosting meetup groups in their own local areas.


  • Cambridge/Somerville/Greater Boston
  • teasecraft-boston (email list)
  • FetLife Group
  • Upcoming Events
    • TBD, 7:30pm-9:30pm, Ask A Live Nude Model, at Artisan's Asylum (MPR 1), Somerville, MA. More info on Facebook (no login required) and FetLife (login required). Exact date TBD, we are on indefinite hiatus from in-person meetups.

Just one group? Hey, we've got to start somewhere. Speaking of which...

For things to consider when starting your own teasecraft meetup, check out dorkbot's guide for thoughts about venues, schedule, etc.

Here are a few templates that you can customize for your own teasecraft meetup:

Have you started a group and want to see it listed here? Tell us about it!